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DocuSign Launches New AI-Powered ID Verification Solution

July 25, 2023

New DocuSign feature applies AI to live video selfies to make process more convenient & prevent identity spoofing and deep-fakes  

SAN FRANCISCO, July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- DocuSign (NASDAQ: DOCU) today announced the launch of its enhanced identity verification offering, Liveness Detection for ID Verification. Part of DocuSign's Identify portfolio, this new feature uses artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled biometric checks to confirm signers are who they say they are, are physically present at signing and that their IDs are valid.

DocuSign is delivering the equivalent of face-to-face security without the inconvenience of showing up in person.

Identity verification is essential to establishing a trust relationship. Traditionally, it has been a cumbersome, in-person process. Using Liveness Detection for ID Verification, businesses can now easily, securely and remotely prevent the use of fake documents and the use of deep fakes or pre-recordings, as well as prevent identity spoofing. The global solution provides a critical capability for companies adopting identity-proofing as part of their onboarding workflows that improve trust, compliance and simplify the user experience. AI-enabled Liveness Detection for ID Verification delivers on our commitment to provide a secure intelligent agreement process. 

"At DocuSign, we don't believe in the false trade-off between either efficiency or risk," said Inhi Cho Suh, DocuSign President of Product & Technology. "We're infusing our entire product suite with AI to provide global customers with frictionless experiences that are smarter, easier and more trusted. Liveness Detection for ID Verification applies the power of artificial intelligence to live video selfies to provide the equivalent of face-to-face security without the inconvenience of showing up in person." 

Developed in partnership with Onfido, a global leader in automated identity verification, the new feature is tightly integrated with DocuSign's popular eSignature workflow, eliminating the need for users to use multiple platforms to complete secure agreements. The feature applies AI to live video selfies – taken by signers – to confirm that the signer taking the video matches the photo on their ID and that the face on the provided ID and the face in the selfie video match. Liveness Detection for ID Verification also confirms that there has been no spoofing detected, that the user was not using a fake webcam or an emulator, and that the signer is physically present at the time the video selfie was taken.

"With instances of identity fraud on the rise, it's never been more essential for businesses to ensure that their online customers are who they say they are," said Mike Tuchen, Chief Executive Officer of Onfido. "We're excited to partner with DocuSign, which aligns with our goal of preventing fraud while simplifying the identity verification process for organizations across the globe."

This enhancement to DocuSign's ID Verification solution is another step in the company's use of AI to strengthen its suite of agreement products. DocuSign recently announced the launch of Agreement Summarization, enabled by an integration with Azure's OpenAI Service, which simplifies the document review process by using AI to automatically surface the most critical components of a document, enabling signers to get a better grasp on key information in their agreement before they sign. This allows them to make more informed decisions faster, saving time in the review process.

Pricing and Availability: Liveness Detection for ID Verification is available globally and is offered to all existing ID Verification or ID Verification Premier customers. 

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